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Chief Executive Staffing was founded on the fundamental understanding that great employees can drive business success. We bring a combination of expertise in the healthcare field and years of recruiting knowledge, to find you the best candidates possible. Unlike most recruiters, we only contact passive job seekers- those who are not on job boards or actively looking for new positions. We direct recruit our candidates specifically for your company’s opportunities, and are committed to only bringing you the most qualified talent in your area.

One way we accomplish this is by locating, identifying and evaluating professionals who have the ability to make a difference for our clients. We DIFFERENTIATE ourselves by going deep into a candidate’s real wants and needs, rather than them being “pitched jobs” on mere skills and qualifications. Understanding a candidate’s goals, values and professional frustrations help Chief Executive Staffing strategically align candidates with the right types of organizations, taking into consideration critical elements like the corporate culture and chemistry (human dynamics) of those whom they’ll be interacting and working with every day. We think of it as a “Professional Marriage” of sorts.

A commitment to excellence

Chief Executive Staffing is a trusted partner with some of the nation’s largest companies based on a reputation of integrity, accountability and commitment. Recognizing that our success is dependent upon recruiting the highest quality candidate and expertly matching them to an employer, we will project accountability and provide a level of service that reflects our commitment to client satisfaction.

We are only as good as our candidates

Communication is the key to understanding needs. Our search professionals are committed to fully understanding your needs and assisting you with the ideal placement. Every candidate we present undergoes a rigorous screening process to meet an employer’s standards. As part of this process, Chief Executive Staffing verifies past employment history, including job stability, references, and a proven record of accomplishment.


  • Executive Level Management
  • Physician/NP/PA/Pharm
  • Nurses
  • Therapy
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Social Worker

Healthcare Division: 310-652-0225